Cost & Time Saving

We can work with you to examine your business travel needs to see if we can achieve time and cost savings for you; something routinely done when you first start using Colletts Travel.

For cost savings we look at the fares we use, when you book, where you fly from, the hotel rates (and where the same room is cheaper).

For time savings, we don’t only consider booking time, but areas such as processing time, expenses and invoicing. It can cost your company so much internally not to mention the reconciling of credit card statements for booking direct etc; all areas in which we can identify savings.

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How cost-effective are your own corporate travel arrangements? Here are the Colletts top ten cost and time saving tips for you to consider:

  • 1.

    Book with an expert…this alone can save you hundreds of pounds

  • 2.

    Use expert knowledge to help you save

  • 3.

    Open up your search by approximately 3 days around your travel date

  • 4.

    Tweak your travel policy to maximise effectiveness

  • 5.

    Buy in bulk or use trade suppliers through your agent

  • 6.

    Look at when people book; could they have saved by booking earlier?

  • 7.

    Corporate loyalty schemes (use points for flights instead of cold hard cash)

  • 8.

    Consider using a different airport

  • 9.

    Let the train take the strain

  • 10.

    A good agent can hold off options until you firm up your trip saving money on changes

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2. We Listen your specific travel requirements.

3. We Personalise

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4. We Present

...the solution. Leave the rest to us! Sit back relax and enjoy the journey...

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“Great Value, Creativity, Incredible Flexibility, Round the Clock Service”

Economy, Premium, Business or First class; it doesn’t really matter how you do it, air travel can blow a big hole in your corporate travel budget, and getting the best deals in this competitive sector with its complex pricing structures is a key element in any business travel solution.



“Adding Unbeatable Value To Your Hotel Booking Requirements – And Budget”

Take the hassle out of booking hotels for your corporate travel; simply hand the task to one of our business travel experts and we’ll find you the right hotel for your needs and the best accommodation deals to suit your travel budget.


Rail & Eurostar

“Soothing The Nightmare That Is Rail Travel Planning”

With so many options of operator, fare and route, navigating your way around booking a business rail trip within the UK can be something of a nightmare. That’s before you start looking further afield at European or even wider International rail travel for business.


Passport & Visa

“Tracking every step of the process?”

One of the biggest areas of concern for the business traveller is making sure they have everything they need to make their trip as smooth and successful as possible. And that includes having the necessary visas and passport.


Car Hire

Whether you need a luxury car hire to make the right impression or simply want to hire a fuel-efficient car to get you from A to B, we have every car hire option covered through our car rental system, which compares all the rental companies at your destination to make sure we are getting the most cost effective option for the vehicle you need.


24 Hour Service

Business travel doesn’t end at 17.30 – neither does the Colletts corporate travel personal service!

We provide a full 24-hour, 7-day service designed to help resolve problems, rearrange things, help sort an emergency and generally give you the peace of mind of knowing you are not alone, wherever in the world you happen to be.