New year new… to do list 😊

As it’s January and it is always in our minds to start doing something that will improve work & life (for the NEW YEAR) we decided our first article should be to offer our expertise to help you get through your travel to do list – whatever that is to you!

It’s an old cliché that every customer is different, I have been around the travel industry for very nearly 30 years now so I have a vast experience of all travel needs, wants & solutions.  So if you want to give me your top travel to do’s I would love to offer my take on how to get those “to dos” ticked off.

I’m always around so email, text me 07788 723216 or message me on linkedin with your postal address (yes we do like our pigeon post here at Colletts to send the occasional treat) or just let me have your to do list and let’s get it ticked off ✔