I started in travel as an apprentice at Thomson, I was there for 3 years between the Burnley and Blackburn branches when I discovered Business travel by joining Colletts and haven't turned back! In my time at Colletts I've really enjoyed getting to know our clients, building up my own client base and keeping up with the more senior members of staff!

When I'm not working I spend my life watching TV series' and movies, I love anything a bit weird and gory, anything Marvel and I LOVE Harry Potter! I'm a bit of a foodie and love going out to try something new.

Favourite day out

Manchester. Cinema and lunch, easily pleased!

Favourite restaurant

Ihop. Nothing special but I love their waffles with crispy bacon and peacan maple syrup!!

Favourite tipple

Pornstar Martini / Strawberry Daquri / Any fruity cocktail as long as theres no gin in it

Favourite ice cream

Mint choc chip

Favourite film quote

'Expecto Patronum!' or 'Slappin' da bass!'

Favourite superhero

Thor. Who doesn't love hammer wielding god played by Chris Hemsworth?

Best holiday ever & why

Florida. I love love love Rollercoasters and Harry Potter!

One thing you think we dont know about you

I'm a massive geek.

Last thing that made you cry with laughter

When I fell down the stairs at work because I had pins and needles in my leg.

Something you dont tell everyone

I'm afraid of the dark.

Most unusual thing in your desk drawer

Christmas lights.

Weird Quirk

I like to have colours ordered like a rainbow. I do things in even numbers unless its 13 as I was born on Friday 13th and its my lucky number.

Biggest Obsession

My phone. Instant panic if I don't know where it is at all times.


Chuck the dog