I have now worked in the business/corporate travel industry for the past 23 years, spending the last 16 developing Colletts Travel Northern Division. With the aim of giving our customers both the very best costing’s with a truly personal service that cannot be matched! I’m very proud to say I have a fabulous team, each one having a wealth of knowledge. In an industry that has changed so much over the past 10 years, I believe that they are the very best at what they do. And I like to think you can use the term 'They don’t make them like they used too!' With the travel industry constantly changing it’s vital that we have a group of people who I know make our customers’ travel requirements their No 1 priority.

When I am not in work I am mostly used as a climbing frame for my three children Tilly, Alfie & Florence, oh and add private Taxi service to that too! Pretty much anything I do outside of work is with my wife and the kids. Other pastimes include the gym, holidaying and just getting out and about!

Favourite day out

Anywhere! As long as I am with the fam, that’s good enough for me!

Favourite restaurant

Tides - Barbados (I heard it burnt down this year - hope it comes back better!)

Favourite tipple

An ice cold beer or a glass of red wine

Favourite ice cream

Vanilla all day long!

Favourite film quote

'I am having a very bad day, I just got out of jail this morning....'

Favourite superhero

The Hulk - Come on he has to be the best! Unstoppable !

Best holiday ever & why

Maldives - For the beach, Ibiza - For the Music, Barbados - For the fact nothing else matters!

One thing you think we dont know about you

I used to be a Market Trader - 12 bars of Imperial Leather for £1.00, the Grandma's used to love me!

Last thing that made you cry with laughter

It probably has to be playing a practical joke on a close friend - for some reason they are just so easy!

Something you dont tell everyone

I used to have curtains and an earring (when I had hair!), I so wish I had the hair back, but not so much the curtains and earring.

Most unusual thing in your desk drawer

Toothpaste, An old battery, a Stone, TCP, Shall I go on ? Oh some Caribbean curry paste!

Weird Quirk

I get mad at myself for not having more time to do things, I wish I could survive off 4hrs sleep a night

Biggest Obsession

A ham wrap, I have to have one a day like an in-between snack


Dash The Dog & Rocket - Both labs