I have worked in Travel for over 19 years. I started off as an apprentice with Lunn Poly straight after leaving school. I then continued working for large high street travel agents in leisure travel. In 2012 I joined the Colletts Team, mainly to deal with all the holidays for our lovely corporate clients, however more recently, I have taken a bit of a step in to the “dark side“ and have started to help the team out with the corporate side of things. Although leisure travel is my first real love, I am quite enjoying the different challenges that come with corporate travel. Moving to Colletts was the best thing I ever did, as we are a relatively small team it means we can develop great relationships with our clients and suppliers.

When not at work, I love drinking gin.

Favourite day out

Definitely the day I did the Great North Run in Newcastle, it was such an amazing achievement for me ..My First Half Marathon and a fabulous day out

Favourite restaurant

My Favourite Restaurant is Bab Al Yams at Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. I have only been once, but its hands down the Best Restaurant I have eaten at.

Favourite tipple

I am a self confessed Gin Lover.

Favourite ice cream

Roskillys Cornish Ice cream- Orange and Mascarpone flavour

Favourite film quote

'Hakuna Matata'

Favourite superhero

My Dad

Best holiday ever & why

Ibiza 2001- My first time in Ibiza and this is when my love affair with the White Isle began, I have been back many many times since, but the first time on the Island with all my friends was pretty special

One thing you think we dont know about you

I'm allergic to wasp stings

Last thing that made you cry with laughter

Ed Balls dancing the Paso Doble on Strictly Come Dancing

Something you dont tell everyone

On Christmas eve I still look up to the sky before bed to make double check if i can see Santa

Most unusual thing in your desk drawer

A Bottle of HP Sauce

Weird Quirk

Before I run a Race I have to untie then re tie my shoe laces- I don’t know why, but I can’t set off until I have done it

Biggest Obsession



I have one pooch, my fur Baby Missy