I'm lucky to have a good mix of leisure & corporate experience having worked for 4 years in leisure travel and 11 years in corporate travel. In 2004 I began working at Colletts and it’s here where I learned all about the wonderful world of corporate travel. More recently I have moved roles within the business and I am now providing online and account support.

In my personal time I love cooking, drinking coffee, reading and socialising with friends and family, which nowadays usually means play dates with Max and Penny and our friends, basically if there is coffee I am happy!

Favourite day out

Either shopping alone, with plenty of coffee stops or anything with the kids and Husband

Favourite restaurant

Checco's in Great Harwood

Favourite tipple

Raspberry Gin with Rose lemonade

Favourite ice cream

I dont really like ice cream - its too cold

Favourite film quote

'Our fate lives in us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.'

Favourite superhero

Mr Incredible

Best holiday ever & why

When I went to Italy for my honeymoon – we visited Venice and Lake Garda. It was something completely different to what I had done before, and there was plenty of Italian food eaten.

Last thing that made you cry with laughter

A video on social media of someone trying to get up an icy hill

Something you dont tell everyone

There's a reason I dont tell and I'm not going to start now

Most unusual thing in your desk drawer

A cuddly pig

Weird Quirk

I love Novelty mugs

Biggest Obsession

My kids and phone


Ollie a golden cocker spaniel