I'm lucky to have a good mix of leisure & corporate experience having worked for 4 years in leisure travel and 11 years in corporate travel. In 2004 I began working at Colletts and it’s here where I learned all about the wonderful world of corporate travel. Knowing both sides of the business means I get involved in all sorts of enquiries — anything from domestic rail to booking private islands in the Caribbean!

In my personal time I love cooking, reading and socialising which nowadays usually means soft play areas with Max!

Favourite day out

A child and husband free day out shopping with an endless supply of money

Favourite restaurant

Checco's in Great Harwood

Favourite tipple

Spiced Rum & Coke

Favourite ice cream

I dont really like ice cream - its too cold

Favourite film quote

'Our fate lives in us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.'

Favourite superhero

Mr Incredible

Best holiday ever & why

When I went to Italy for my honeymoon

Last thing that made you cry with laughter

I don't cry when I laugh

Something you dont tell everyone

There's a reason I dont tell and I'm not going to start now

Most unusual thing in your desk drawer

A bovril cube

Weird Quirk

I have been known to rub my nose in excitement

Biggest Obsession

My Phone


Ollie a golden cocker spaniel