I have spent the last two years learning everything corporate travel. Prior to Colletts I had spent 5 years of my life within different design and marketing agencies doing everything from business administration to website development.

I spend a lot of my personal time pursuing my many hobbies and interests from films, gaming, writing about music, and reading. For the most part I can be found in the pub catching up with my friends!

Favourite day out

A walk to the pub with my dogs and my other half for a drink and have some food!

Favourite restaurant

Wahaca in Manchester would probably be my favourite

Favourite tipple

A pint or an old fashioned!

Favourite ice cream

Ben & Jerrys Chocolate cookie core!

Favourite film quote

May the Force be with you.

Best holiday ever & why

Budapest, amazing thermal baths, beer, food and people!

One thing you think we dont know about you

I have lots of tattoos but unless I wear a short sleeve t-shirt you won’t see them!

Last thing that made you cry with laughter

Pretty much any episode of the US office!

Something you dont tell everyone

I have a keen hobby making Hot Sauce!

Most unusual thing in your desk drawer

A Beefeater costume

Weird Quirk

I can’t watch foreign films that have been dubbed, it frustrates me more than anything.

Biggest Obsession

Hot Sauce!


Ernie & Olive the whippets and Arthur the cat.