My working career started over 25 years ago(in the dark ages!) in an independent leisure agency in Southport and from there I have gained experience in most of the disciplines in the industry, just to name a couple, I have worked for bespoke tailor-made tour operators, as an overseas holiday rep and have been extremely lucky to live in some beautiful locations, when returning back to the UK I then started the rounds again and worked for, Airlines, tour operators and a small stint out of the travel industry but I was lured back in and I finally found my niche in corporate travel, I have worked for several Travel Management companies, but I started working for Colletts in July 2015, I love that no one day is the same.

I love nothing better than enjoying a good film or a series on TV. I love walking and being out in the great outdoors, I also volunteer at a couple of animal charities where I dog walk.  I am known as the crazy cat lady, as I will always take in a stray and try rehoming once nursed back to health,  I do already have 4 cats!   

Favourite day out

Chester Zoo/Blackpool Zoo/going to the Beach

Favourite restaurant

Any – I love food especially Italian and Chinese!!

Favourite tipple

Coors Light – but I'm not fussy really, anything will do

Favourite ice cream


Favourite film quote

'Take my advice, pull your pants down and slide on the Ice'

Favourite superhero

Captain America (or is it just Chris Evans in lycra!)

Best holiday ever & why

Sri Lanka – as never experienced such a huge culture shock and it made me grateful for everything I have.

One thing you think we dont know about you

I don’t know that myself!

Last thing that made you cry with laughter

I cry all the time!

Something you dont tell everyone

Nothing really! I am pretty much an open book.     

Most unusual thing in your desk drawer

Sorry really boring, nothing in there! Just normal stuff        

Weird Quirk

Just being me! I am a quirk of nature.             

Biggest Obsession



4 cats, Sooty, Biscuit, Tiana, Patch – plus any other strays that turn up  - Any suggestions on names are appreciated, I am running out of ideas!